Fishing Seasons

Fly Fishing Puget Sound and Hood Canal for Sea-Run Cutthroat is a year round catch and release fishery.  The prime months to pursue Sea-Run Cutthroat are from April through October, primarily because the weather is fair and the Sea-Run Cutthroat have emerged from their spawning streams.  However, there is a great winter fishery from November-March for Sea-Run Cutthroat particularly in Hood Canal.


January – Hood Canal Sea-Run Cutthroat

Hood Canal and Puget Sound:

Sea-Run Cutthroat in Puget Sound spawn in their natal streams ranging from December through March.  Sea-Runs spawn in freshwater streams ranging from large scale rivers throughout Puget Sound such as the Stillaguamish and Skagit to small creeks that one can jump across. Typically, the fish spawning in larger systems enter during the summertime (July time frame) and may spawn into early winter and may stay in these systems until spring time.

However, a large majority of Sea-Runs around the Kitsap Peninsula and Hood Canal spend most of their time in the salt water through early winter.  These fish spawn in small jump across creeks to more mid-sized creeks.  They stage in the salt within close distance of their natal stream just waiting for the perfect time to run upstream and spawn.  This timing and spawning run typically takes place once a high water event happens and their is now enough water in the stream to spawn.  They don’t hang around long however, as they will generally spawn and be back out into the salt ranging from days to a week or two after they spawn.

The uniqueness of the Hood Canal and Kitsap Peninsula Sea-Run Cutthroat spending so much time in salt water opens up a phenomenal fishery year round.  Fish can be caught and released literally 12 months of the year. Fjord Fly Fishing specializes in finding fish – even in the cooler months of November through March.

Come experience a day with Fjord Fly Fishing – a year round guide service on Hood Canal and Puget Sound.  To book a trip call Chad at Fjord Fly Fishing 509-591-2029