Where Do We Fish?

hood canal map

Hood Canal – A long narrow fjord. Click for larger image

The benefit of living on the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsula’s is that we are literally surrounded by water. Fjord Fly Fishing is based in Poulsbo, WA – the heart of the Kitsap Peninsula and an excellent departure point for Sea-Run Cutthroat excursions.

Areas that we specifically target include Hood Canal and Puget Sound. However, those are very broad areas and many factors come into play when deciding where to fish for a day including: client preference, tides, weather, and where the fish are located. All factors will be taken into play for your day on the water.

Primarily we fish Hood Canal – the views, natural settings, and absence of people make this experience truly memorable.  At times, we get pushed off of Hood Canal due to weather or extreme tides and in these cases we will move over and fish Puget Sound.  Puget Sound offers some great beaches, good fishing and in its own right beautiful views.  Views of the Olympic Mountains are not far in the distance.

The benefit of booking a trip with Fjord Fly Fishing is that these are motorized vessel adventures where we may launch at a certain spot, but we have the ability to cover lots of water and fly fish multiple beaches throughout a day while enjoying a scenic and great time on the water.
Call or text Chad at Fjord Fly Fishing to book a guided
adventure 509-591-2029.  You may email chad@fjordflyfishing.com